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A new way to shop for cancer’s toughest moments

With our products, gift registries, and organizational tools, you’ll never feel lost or alone.

Cancer can make you feel lost, but we’ll help you find your way

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Examples of products available in the Alula marketplace, including: Emesis Bag, Immune Support by Hilma, and Monica Bra by AnaOno

Everything you need outside of the hospital room, all in one place. Alula’s marketplace — featuring everything from medical supplies to wardrobe staples — is curated with the help of cancer patients.

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Build a Recovery Registry

Screenshot of an Alula Recovery Registry

Easily add items from the Alula shop to your registry, and share it with friends and family who ask what they can get you or how they can support you.

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Create a Care Calendar

A screenshot of the Alula Care Calendar with events for 'Ride to Chemo' and 'Meal drop-off'

Whether it's a ride to chemo, childcare support, or meal delivery, you can request the help you need, and allow loved ones to sign up.

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We’ve taken the guesswork out of shopping.

After a cancer diagnosis, the “things-to-buy list” seems to grow every day. That’s because the right products can make a huge difference in your comfort. Start browsing today.

Meet the Humans of Cancer

Once you've been touched by cancer, people often say, "let me put you in touch with my friend who's been there." Browse our collection of stories to discover the kind of honesty and relatability you typically only find when talking to cancer friends.

Real Talk

“I Felt Like a Cancer Fraud”: What Happens When You Compare Your Cancer to Others’

by Tracy Weiss

Why I founded Alula

"I founded Alula from five years of painful personal experience with cancer. First, as a caregiver, then as a patient, and now as a survivor. Alula is what I wish I had when I was sick."