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We’re hiring! Come join our mission to make cancer less lonely.

The core values we live and work by

How we take care of our people

Competitive salary & equity

We offer competitive salaries meant to support and engage our team members. We believe that employees deserve to own a part of Alula and take part in the success of the company.

Healthcare benefits

We offer competitive and affordable medical, dental and vision insurance. We chose plans that would ensure the best medical care coverage should you be diagnosed with a chronic illness.

Retirement benefits

We offer an employer-sponsored 401k plan with a 5% employer match program. We believe that you should be able to plan for lifetime economic stability even at an early stage startup.

Compassionate leave

We offer a ten-day leave for employees to mourn the death of a family member or loved one or to care for an ill or aging family member or loved one.

Thriving remotely

While we plan to open an office in Brooklyn later this year, we are currently building Alula from our respective living rooms.

Work boundaries

We believe in rest and restoration. We don’t email or slack between the hours of 7pm and 8am EST. We don’t work on the weekends. And, we cherish vacation time.

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