Under construction

Hi there 👋 We’ve upgraded our site to improve the experience for our Alula community. Because of this change, profiles created before April 10, 2022 are no longer available. Don’t worry — while the registry function is not ready just yet, you’ll still be able to create a profile and add to your registry with Alula soon, and we will email you once the new and improved registry is live and ready for use!” We know that you took the time to do this already, so we want to help take some of that work off your hands. The only steps you will need to take are:

1. Create a new profile at
2. Fill it in with your information, OR message us at or 1-888-MYALULA with a bit about yourself and we'll take on the heavy lifting of filling out your profile

Once you do that, we can also help pre-fill your registry on your behalf to save you time on finding the items that you need.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out - we’re only a text, call, or email away 💛