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Get Involved in the Alula Care Collective.

No one should have to go through cancer alone. If you’ve lived with cancer or loved someone with cancer, there are many ways that you can be involved in helping others impacted by cancer through the Alula Care Collective.

3 ways to show care:

Collective Experience

Stories are the way we understand and make sense of our experience — while offering hope or solutions to others. Whether you’ve faced cancer yourself or you’ve supported someone who’s gone through it, you can submit a story for inclusion in Alula’s content library, aka 'Humans of Cancer'.

Share your story

Collective Knowledge

No one knows better than you do what really comes in handy during cancer treatment and recovery. That’s why Alula’s marketplace is curated by cancer patients and caregivers.

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Collective Input

We’re constantly evolving our product offerings; your feedback will help us create the best possible experience for everyone affected by cancer. Volunteer here if you’re up for beta testing new features, participating in user interviews, or just telling us what’s resonating with you most.

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