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PPE & Other Essentials

Treatment essentials to keep stocked in your home (and medicine cabinet) for day-to-day convenience as well as potential emergencies.


Products to help you cope with the side effects of chemotherapy — including some common symptoms you'd never expect.


What to have on-hand as you’re preparing for or recovering from biopsies and surgery. Plus, some post-mastectomy must-haves.


Key buys for coping with the side effects of radiation therapy — including fatigue, skin irritation, and trouble sleeping.


As your body and immune system bounce back after a transplant, these staples may provide support and comfort during your recovery and quarantine.

Alula Favorites: Shop our Top Sellers

Prestige Ameritech

Surgical N95 Masks (50 Pack)

When you’re immunocompromised during a pandemic, only the highest level of protection will do.


Germ Protection Starter Kit

A trio of essentials for Covid times — and beyond.


Antimicrobial Adult Face Masks (5 Pack)

Must-have reusable masks with adjustable ear loops and a 6-layer antimicrobial fabric.


Pleated Masks (50 Pack)

Because a cloth mask just won't cut it when you're immunocompromised.


Body Wipes with Aloe

Perfect for all-over use when showering proves more difficult after surgery or during treatment.


Skin Health Starter Kit

A trio of items that ensure you're well equipped to change your bandages and dressings at home.


Ombre Knee High Compression Socks

Helps prevent swelling or even blood clots while sitting for long periods of time during treatment.


Heart Shaped Recovery Pillow

Tucks perfectly under the arm to provide relief after a mastectomy or lymph node removal.

Plant People

Cooling Body Cream with CBD

A popular go-to for soothing muscle pain during treatment.


Men's Crewneck Pullover in Navy

Great for staying warm in cold infusion rooms while giving your provider port or PICC line access.

Three Lollies

Nausea Relief Lozenges, 3 Pack

When you're looking for a natural way to ease nausea symptoms and upset stomach.


Soft PICC Line Cover

A comfortable sleeve to keep your PICC line secure and infection-free.


Solid Nausea Relief Wristbands (Set of 2)

Stylish acupressure bands that fit right around your wrist to quell nausea and vomiting.


Checking Your Vitals Starter Kit

The essentials for keeping tabs on your vitals when you’re back at home.


Upset Stomach Relief Capsules

A tummy-soothing blend that includes chamomile, organic ginger root, licorice root, and more.

Noka Supply

Vegan Leather Twice a Day Pill Organizer

A better way to stay organized when pills become part of your daily routine.

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